a new conversation piece

sxTylz game

The SXTYLZ game takes sexual conversation to a new level. Play as a game or just doodle and see what happens. Lost that passion in your relationship?
What to hook up with the girl down the street? How about the guy across the room?

The SXTyLZ game is played just like the original txTylz game with one exception, the pieces lend to sexual, sensual word play – where anything goes.**

A great ICE BREAKER at parties, take to your local hang out and stir things up, great wedding gift idea. Visit the SHOP now to get SXTYLZ and start a spark.

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** txTylz LLC is not responsible for any actions that may occur from the use of or the playing of the sxtylz game. Safe sex is the best sex. If you are seeking marriage counseling call a therapist (but this game may help too). txTylz LLC is not a licensed therapist, doctor or health care professional and it is not giving medical or psychiatric advice through use of game or in the contents of this website. Use the SXTYLZ game at your own risk. Consult your doctor if your arousal lasts longer than 4 hrs. If it does without the use of medicine please inform us and send a photo image of the sxtylz PLAY that caused it too.:)