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The  sxTylz and txTylz brand items are made of wood, paper and other naturally occurring materials on this planet.

Our innate intelligence is connected with Nature and its materials and it is our belief that our body resonates at a higher level of learning and knowledge when it interacts with natural materials that it recognizes. We believe that wood stores energy and vibration over time and by playing with games and toys made of wood one learns faster and that learning is actually encapsulated into the wood as the play or learning experience is being had.

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The TxTylz game is a learning and creativity tool that allows for each and stimulates each in its Players, so that while you play the game you actually get more creative and so do the txTylz pieces. They hold your creative intelligence and therefore lend to the following Player’s learning experience. Each time the game is played, the players become more creative and more intelligent – encouraging growth, learning and creative intelligence with games and play is a beneficial way to teach.

The SxTylz experience holds the same power but images and other texts/symbols are provided to create a fun way to stimulate the SEXUAL senses.

Wood is a natural, sustainable, bio-degradable product that has been used for thousands of years to make anything from transportation vehicles to toothpicks. It is easy to use and work with and grows readily across this planet in forests around the world. Antique furniture is not special because it is old—the pieces hold stories of everyone that has owned it – imagine being let in on those secrets.

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We use American Hardwood Maple and Birch for our pieces, they are either hand sanded or tumbled to give a smooth feel and then hand stamped in non-toxic inks. Our special Limited Edition sets are either laser engraved or branded and inked with low voc dyes. Our products are hand made in the USA from American natural materials because we believe in a low carbon footprint and by making our product in the USA we don’t have to ship across oceans or fly to Chinese factories. We cut down on the footprint by keeping it here and we employ Americans in the process.

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Wood is a treasure that can last forever and give back not only in it’s beauty but it’s vibration and knowledge it holds. We have the ability to produce specialty products that allow you to store and house your txTylz game over time so that the pieces will be around for centuries. These range from humidors to essential oils, special display racks or boxes and natural leather pouches for those cowboys and cowgirls on the go.

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