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With any new game –learning how it functions can take a few seconds! Scoring for txTylz is rather simple as all the pieces have specific value

REGULAR PLAY–when any PLAYER is playing within the time limit

PLAYED pieces are worth 2 points each and the sum is marked in the + column.Un-PLAYED pieces are marked 1 point against and place in the – column.
     example: you grab 14 pieces and Play 10 of them, you would have 10 x 2 = 20 and place a 20 in the + column AND you would place a 4 in the – column. NOW total points in the TOTAL column would be 20-4=16. Place a 16 in the TOTAL column.

how to score with txTylz

Of course if you grab more than 18 pieces and Play them all—YOU ARE A GENIUS and get to mark 50 points in the TOTAl column

BONUS PLAY—commences when anyone grabs the Bonus Block and Rolls, whether that Player gets to play or not.

ALL pieces in the Bonus Round are worth 3 points for each Played and 1 against for those un-Played by each Bonus Player
       example: You grab the Bonus Block and get to Play as you got an “AS IS”, You Play 3 of the un-Played 4 pieces from the example above. You would place a 3 on the Bonus Row under + and a 1 under the -. DO NOT TOTAL these just yet as you may play many other times in this ROUND. The NEXT Player plays and has 5 pieces un-Played, you grab the Block and get to Play with a “TOSS”. You Play 2 and did not Play 3. You place a 2 next to your 3 under the + and a 3 next to the 1 under the -. Now all Players have played that ROUND.
Tally your Bonus Round Score by adding the 3+2=5 and multiplying x3=15 in the + column and subtract the 1+3=4 in the – column and your TOTAL is 15-4=11. You mark 11 in the TOTAL column on the Bonus Row.

See a photo description of How 2 Score with a 4 Player set up. Download the Score Sheet and Instructions below.

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