a new conversation piece

the Brand

the txTylz “code” continues with cardZ, SxTylz and toKnz

Inspired by trinkets I have discovered, tidbits of knowledge observed through conversation and treasures of wisdom handed down through generations….txTylz toKnz are wearable, collectible, tradable and play-able. Intriguing to all those who see them. All toKnz are one of a kind. Those seen here and at the SHOP are representative of what we have done.

The sxTylz & txTylz cardZ are hand crafted and some hold a txTylz game piece for your pleasure and/or addition to your game. The pieces are  hand stamped on each side and expand your game. The cardZ come with several different greetings and are blank inside for your personal message. An insert card is included for your recipient to reuse. See more at the SHOP

contact Joan at js@txtylz.com

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