a new conversation piece

4 Play

    • Each player takes 14 pieces AND winning score is determined 250, 370, 500**
    • All players can flip any or all pieces at this time. No peeking!
    • Timer is set to 2 minute
    • One player starts the timer and ALL players try to use all their txTylz  to say whatever they can say in an interconnected manner, on their individual play, before the time runs out.
    • When timer sounds AND if any Player has txTylz  that have not been played then ANY player may grab the Bonus Block…
    • Plays are looked at and accepted or not.
    • Points are tallied. 2 points for each txTylz used, 1 point against for any txTylz not used.
    • Bonus Block Player rolls the block and follows what it says…..time to play is half of the initial time i.e. 1 min=30 seconds, 2min=1min
    •     As Is–Player can play ANY(theirs and other players) unused txTylz on any or all existing plays…
    •     Toss–Player tosses their own unused txTylz and plays them on any existing Play, tally points
    •     Pass—Player cannot play anything and any other Player may grab the Bonus Block, Roll and Follow as above
    • Any Player that uses all their txTylz  in an acceptable Play…gets 10 extra points…on top of the total point score…(i.e. player used all 14 txTylz and played all they would get 2 for each used plus 10 extra points, totaling 38 pnts.) If Play is not accepted then no points…and all txTylz are returned to bag.
    • (acceptable play- all players must agree with what you have played…so negotiate and sell your play, or make sure it is pretty clear to all when you play it)
    • After each Round place all txTylz back in bag and start again.
    • Bonus Points start to be doubled in the round a Player has accumulated 25 points from Bonus Plays and continue to be doubled for each subsequent round.
    • ** winning score can be higher or lower than these suggested scores, the lower the score the shorter the game

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