a new conversation piece

All for 1

  • Determine winning score amount, 150, 200, 350, 500 or any other determined score
  • Place 1 txTylz® in the center of playing area – divide txTylz® amongst Players evenly – any that remain stay in the bag and are not played.
  • Roll dice to establish first player.
  • Player 1 Rolls the Bonus Block to determine their play status. Each Player will roll the Bonus Block to determine If they can play and How to play their pieces at each turn.
  •  As Is — txTylz® are played as they are
  • Toss — Player picks up all txTylz® and Tosses them and plays the new face up side
  •  Pass — Player loses turn and play passes to left.
  • Player has 15 seconds to play ONE txTylz® on the txTylz® in the center of the playing area… to say whatever they can say in an interconnected manner before the time runs out….on their turn.
  • Points are tallied. 2 points for each used
  • Play continues counter clockwise, with each player adding a txTylz® , if they can, to the existing Play in the center after setting the time for 15 seconds.
  • Round ends with the first Player to use all their txTylz®…and they get an extra 10 points!
  • Acceptable play- all players must agree with what you have played…or you take that piece back and have to play it again in another turn.
  • All txTylz® are returned to the playing pouch after each Round and divided again to continue game
  •  First Player to reach the winning score is the winner of the game.
  • ** winning score can be higher or lower than these suggested scores, the lower the score the shorter the game

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