a new conversation piece

Piece Use

txTylz® is a game that encourages Creative thinking and stimulates Creative Intelligence. The basic Rules of play allow for multiple definitions for the images. With Creative Thinking, one opens the lid to expanded uses of the images. For instance, an image may be used as it is spelled or sounds in a foreign language.

An image of cat sounds like – CAT, KAT or QAT. In forming a word or phrase, such as; CAT N MOUSE or a name, such as KAT + HE (Kathy) or a place QAT + R (Qatar).

The number “8” sounds like ATE and could be used with another piece, such as an L to form LATE, or IN to form INATE

An image of a glass could be – WINE. If used with the letter D, spells WIND, or WHINED

CAT in another language, for instance Spanish, could be used. CAT  in Spanish is GATO. GATO with the letter R would spell GATOR in English. CAT in French is CHAT. CHAT with the ER would spell CHATTER in English.

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For those Players who know or wish to learn a foreign language, the multi and bi-lingual use is a great fun way to be creative and learn at the same time.

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