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WARNING—CHOKING HAZARD–The txTylz®  game, glyfs and certain cardz are not intended to be used by children under the age of 3 yrs. Please have adult supervision of children under the age of 12 when any txTylz™  brand product is used or available to them.

Where is txTylz® made?
txTylz® game is made in the USA with US hard wood maple, a sustainable product. Each piece is hand stamped with low VOC ink for a non-toxic, environmentally safe choice. This game will last a lifetime and was created in wood because I remember playing with wood games when I was young and we still have them in our family. There is something important about wood…for me, it holds the fond memories of playing as a child. Because it is a natural product I believe it helps us learn better than if it were made of plastic.

How did you come up with this idea?
Communication is very important to me, as an actress and someone in the public eye it is necessary to be able to convey your thoughts quickly and so everyone can understand them. My traveling experiences from a young age, opened a window for me when I could not understand a language, people talk with hands and items, words that you would never use if you knew the language and sometimes these circumstances would make me burst into laughter. Through these experiences, my own mistakes in learning French and certain insight in dreams, conversations and experiences I have had in my life…I created this game. It helps bridge the gap in French, Spanish and English as well as any language that uses the Roman alphabet….the big story on all that led to its creation will be released in the paper version and its companion chronicle of the secret code I discovered along my life path.

Are the rules online?
Yes. All txTylz® games come with rules, so if you have a game  you should have no problem. There is a Definitions page that has some uses of each of the pieces as well as the “Guess What” page that has examples and translations. See Other Ways to Play for more ways to play txTylz®. Please send us your creative ways of play with your decipher and we will put them up on the website for others to see. If you need an additional/replacement set of rules download here 

Notes to RULES…
3 txTylz may be laid on edge to form a letter–for instance the letters I, U, N or a triangle…players may not use all txTylz to form one giant letter.

Where can I purchase any of the txtylz products?
Currently all txTylz are available through the website Purchase  link. Here is the direct link to the SHOP

Will there be additional txTylz pieces available to add to my game?
Yes….and other products of the txTylz brand can be used in the game as well. The drinkGlyphs and greeting cardZ provide additional pieces and so will the  toKnz. All of these will be initially obtained through PLEDGES at the Kickstarter campaign.

Can I obtain custom greeting cardz?
We will gladly work with you to create any custom greeting card or event cards you may desire. From birthdays and weddings to anniversaries and graduations. Just contact us at sales@txtylz.com

Will you have a metal version of the game soon?
This question seems to be on everyones mind lately. The first suggestion was a solid gold version! I am working with different companies to find the proper metal to use with the least amount of carbon footprint. Recycled metal may be the option. 

When will the app be ready?
I am currently in discussion with 2 companies on 2 different aspects of the game app. and mounting a KickStarter.com campaign for funding. 

Can I make a suggestion?
Please do—I would love to hear from you. Comments and suggestions are great feedback for the continued development of txTylz  the brand and especially for the game. Just send us an e-mail at sales@txtylz.com

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