a new conversation piece

guess WHAT?

Our customers send in photos and deciphers of their Plays all the time. See examples and deciphers of some of them here and feel free to Post a photo with decipher of your Plays on our Facebook Page.

Left – she’s dusting his house – moon dust – whose home – he’s armed – married – horse head – indoor – hey

Middle – I shall drive – Beaver Drive – Shelby lacks that joy – veto the bill

Right – Are you ready ? – I love to read – I whispered – dice – his heart

Left– Armorall – shoe shopping – new – calling for money (telemarketer)

Middle – to walk – tooth- think C note ( think money ) – B.C. – behead – shot – dally or Dali

Right – they golf – they ate whiter rice – dice – I see peace- C D drive – long drive

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