a new conversation piece

new for Scrabble® addicts–txTylz

txTylz has been shown to improve brain function by stimulating both sides of the brain in game play….this is a good thing!! We need more brain power out there and more creative geniuses….

A creative Genius himself- Sheldon Ginsberg– of Energy Based Health out of San Antonio, TX has this to say about txTylz:

“Here is a game that will be around for generations. Scrabble meets Rebus in this travel friendly word and phraseology game. My mind has learned new ways of communicating by playing it. Great idea and great gift for those Scrabble addicts!”

Sheldon has written a few books on the subject of stress and has wonderful stress reducing tools that will help you shake of the stress, transform its effects and learn how to look at stress inducing events in another way…check him out online at:

Energy Based Health