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anti up to Paris? 0

A recent trip to Paris was delayed and everyone on the trip needed a break–txTylz was the perfect ice breaker and the one bag I had with me spent the entire trip being passed around from passenger to passenger as they all discover the game and things they had in common… are some photos that [...]


new for Scrabble® addicts–txTylz 0

txTylz has been shown to improve brain function by stimulating both sides of the brain in game play….this is a good thing!! We need more brain power out there and more creative geniuses…. A creative Genius himself- Sheldon Ginsberg– of out of San Antonio, TX has this to say about txTylz: “Here is a [...]

artist Sybil Hill likes txTylz 0

” Being and artist I love the natural and eco-friendly aspect of the game and its packaging. The wooden txTylz inspire me in play because they feel so good to touch. Finally a game that isn’t plastic and mass produced! I still have the games I grew up with because they are wood they lasted [...]