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The txTylz® cardZ are  here!

The cardZ story:  txTylz cardZ are hand crafted expansions of the txTylz game. They encompass a piece of the “communication code” I revealed through my travels as an actress and modelBeing one to always look beyond the obvious, I have been able to find hidden meaning and actual “codes” woven into tapestries, carved into wood or pressed into paper while exploring the world, museums or just old manors and inns that I have visited.

The txTylz game uses this code in play. The cardZ use it in collectible greetings.Whimsical puzzle cardZ with actual txTylz® game pieces attached – to trade, collect, wear or play  – will bring a smile to your face and those you send them to. Add them to your existing txTylz game, give them as a gift to someone who has a game or collect all of them and create your own txTylz game.

Some of the cardZ have txTylz® toKnz (drilled and hand branded one of a kind game pieces) and a 36″ ribbon inc. for you to express yourself. All cardZ are blank inside and come with an envelope. I suggest inserting your personalized greeting on a separate piece of paper so the card can be passed onto others, traded and even put away for the next generation to continue using and passing the code along. Contact us at for purchases.

Keep your eyes open for the NEW SxTylz cardZ coming soon for your enjoyment!!

Current cardZ Greetings:

Eye Love You (shown here), i love U, Happy Birthday (shown here), Key 2 his/her heart, Sad 2 c u leave, sad to c u you down, U no U turn me on, Wine and Dinner?, Y Knot?, Don’t Leave (shown here), Be Happy, You’re hot, Checking In

More cardZ are being added constantly to the collection for you and we are welcome to discussion for custom cardZ for invites or special occasions…just contact us at

Currently all cardZ are hand made in the USA

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