Each txTylz may be used in a variety of ways. Like any language, people are thinking and expressing differently. If you look at an image of an AIRPLANE—what does it mean to you? Our definitions are updated as the Play deciphers come in.

Airplane – Plane (plain)-fly-flies-travel-trip-flew (flu)-voyage-vacation in English.
Which can all be used as they are or in translated into another language, if you know one, and used as they sound or are spelled to create new words in any language.

French—FLY (mouche)-AIRPLANE (avion)- FLEW=FLU and is GRIPPE in French.
Spanish—FLY (mosca)-TRIP (tropiezo)- FLEW=FLU and in Spanish is GRIPE

MOUCHE & MOSCA is the insect that is called a FLY in English…so you can follow how an image may have one more than one meaning, even in English. FLY is to go on an airplane or a bird can fly…but it is also an insect.

Being creative and thinking beyond what you see and the common use for images will help you be more creative in txTylz and in your life.


some ways to use txTylz

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