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Help4Vitiligo.org is an organization that provides financial assistance for healing modalities for those with Vitiligo.

I think Vitiligo is a “symptom” that occurs through “lack of” or “incorrect” communication in the cells that help, create and provide pigment in the skin. That’s why txTylz and Vitiligo are a perfect team. It’s all about communication, the game and the condition. Let’s see if we can help discover the “communication code” that is necessary for the skin to start functioning properly again.

Most of the treatments are not covered by US insurance companies and most US based Doctors are unaware that there are healing treatments that can completely re-pigment the symptoms of white patches in those with this condition.
Visit the website for more information or donate directly from this page.
A portion of proceeds from each txTylz game goes to help4vitiligo.org to assist in healing.


Vitiligo is a condition that effects 1-2% of the World population. Every race and skin color is touched by the condition and at present there is no cure or cause, only speculation and theory. Michael Jackson and Rita Hayworth both had this skin condition as do many other actors, celebrities, sports personalities, politicians and everyday hard working people across the planet. It effects those young and old alike.

There are treatments that re-pigment the skin. This takes time and is costly and most insurance companies do not cover the treatment costs, as this condition is considered cosmetic, especially in the USA.

Your donations go directly to help those who qualify to meet with a professor in Germany that has successfully helped 1000’s re-pigment and sustain the new pigment. Her treatment starts with a blood test and a meeting in her facility in Germany. Then she prescribes a non-steroidal cream, a NB-UVB light box or device and suggests that one kickstart their treatment by a 3 week trip to the Dead Sea.

I can personally speak of the condition of Vitiligo and the Professors treatment and Dead Sea trip as I am one of the 1-2% of people who experience Vitiligo. This condition has been present with me since childhood and in 2012 I met the Professor and started taking healthy steps to re-pigment, with great success.


Your financial contribution, no matter how small, will go directly to someone with Vitiligo who needs financial assistance in their treatment. For donations visit the soon to be added PayPal Donate Button or send checks to:
txtylz LLC
5300 N. Braeswood Blvd #4-421
Houston, TX 77096

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